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The alarming statistics surrounding wrongful convictions in the United States serve as a stark reminder of a deeply rooted problem within the criminal justice system. Studies estimating that between 4-6% of individuals incarcerated in US prisons are actually innocent, and disproportionately affect black population, are not only profoundly disturbing but also demand a critical examination of the structural and systemic causes behind these injustices.
This means that a population of over 2 million Inmates in the US prison system, a staggering 50,000 or more people are in prison, serving 10, 20, 30 years, even life in prison, even if they are Innocent, only because they lack a of resources to get their cases reviewed and taken to its natural conclusion, FREEDOM.

About Us

One of the 40 Pillars mission is to fund the wrongfully incarcerated victims as a Litigation Funding company, and with our legal professionals to go to war and free all those innocent people.  This calls for action to free the Innocent and get the Justice they deserve.  The resources for the Innocent in the Prison system are limited and the social efforts like “The Innocence Project” lack resources, they are overwhelmed and will only select a few cases just to demonstrate their point. Leaving all innocent people except a few select ones, without Justice.
40 Pillars missions is to join hands with the resource rich individuals and institutions to provide enough energy and synergy for our network of legal professionals to go to war and free all those innocent people.

Meet Our Team

We have access to a team of amazing lawyers that are committed to restoring justice to those in need.
Omar Shakur, Founder and CEO of 40 Pillars Marketing and Investment Inc, calls on you to Join on this endeavor of Justice and Freedom.